Mission Statement

The New Mexico Aviation Aerospace Association is a statewide, industry driven economic development and advocacy organization. The primary goals of NMAAA are as follows:

  1. To attract and retain aviation and aerospace companies
  2. To foster relationships and work collaboratively with leaders from the state of New Mexico, the US, and international industry partners, as well as working with associated business sectors.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to ensure the constant growth of New Mexico’s aviation and aerospace sectors. Our membership includes representation from federal agencies, academic institutions, the military, non-profit and for-profit organizations as well as individuals.

The Association was formed in 2012 to develop a strategy to strengthen and increase New Mexico’s global competitiveness in the aviation and aerospace sectors by creating a forum for cooperation and synergy between thought leaders and industry representatives to define aviation and aerospace initiatives that will grow New Mexico’s economy.

More About NMAAA

  • Board of Directors – meet the founders of the New Mexico Aviation Aerospace Association.
  • Stats – informative facts and figures concerning aviation and aerospace in New Mexico.
  • New Mexico Airports –  a comprehensive list of airports located in the state of New Mexico (with sorting functions).